P90X3 30-Day Review

P90X3 30 Days Review “First block down!  High five babe!” Lindsay and I entered our recovery week after our first block of P90X3… and…. it…was…. AWESOME.  We are doing the P90X3 Classic Schedule. Wow, that went really really fast!  We were debating on posting our progress photo, however, we think we are going to save […]

P90X3 CVX Review

P90X3 CVX Workout Review One of our favorite P90X3 workouts would be the CVX workout.  P90X3 CVX is intense, that’s for sure.  The entire workout consist of agility/cardio moves… doesn’t sound too tough, right?  Well here is the catch.  You will do every exercise with a weight in your hand (5lb, 8lb, 10lb, or 12lb).  […]

P90X3 Warrior Review

P90X3 Warrior Review Another one of our favorites is the P90X3 Warrior workout.  This workout is an absolutely killer and really focuses on incorporating the entire body.  I think what also makes the P90X3 Warrior workout even tougher is the fact that it’s at the end of the week during the Classic P90X3 Schedule, so […]

P90X3 The Challenge Review

P90X3 The Challenge Wow!  That was tough, but incredibly awesome.  P90X3 has a workout called “The Challenge” that is done once a week.  This workout is used to judge your strength and endurance progress through P90X3.  The title “P90X3 The Challenge” is exactly what this is… its a heck of a fun challenge to really […]

P90X3 Agility X Review

P90X3 Agility X P90X3 Agility X falls on the second day of the week (in block 1) when you follow the Classic P90X3 Schedule.  For the P90X3 Agility X workout, you will need tape.  Tony will show you how to lay lines of tape on your floor, which you will use throughout the workout.  You […]

P90X3 & Focus T25 January Sale!

 P90X3 & Focus T25 SALE! CLICK HERE:  Order T25 Challenge Pack CLICK HERE: Order P90X3 Challenge Pack * See what’s included in a Challenge Pack below… Should I do P90X3 or Focus T25? Let’s bring in the new year strong!  If you have a New Year’s Resolution of losing weight, getting fit, staying healthy or […]

P90X3 Ab Ripper X3 Review

Ab Ripper X3 Review Lindsay and I have started to incorporate P90X3’s Ab Ripper X3 after our workouts every other day.  Unlike the original P90X, the P90X3 Ab Ripper X3 is considered a bonus workout and is not included with the P90X3 Base Kit.  However, it does come with the P90X3 Deluxe Kit and the […]

P90X3 Total Synergistic Review

P90X3 Total Synergistics Since Lindsay and I are doing the Classic P90X3 Schedule, Total Synergistics is the first workout of the week.  You would think that the first workout would be easier, right?  Well, not in the case!  Total Synergistics was fairly intense, but definitely do-able.  Remember, in all the P90X3 workouts, there is a […]

Best P90X3 Supplements

P90X3 Supplements Best Supplements to Take with P90X3 What are the best supplements to take with P90X3?  Well, that kind of depends on your body type, desired results and daily lifestyle.  But since I have been getting questions about which supplements I am taking during my first round of P90X3, I wanted to share some […]

Order P90X3 Ultimate Kit

P90X3 Ultimate Kit: P90X3 Ultimate Kit Regular Price: $329.55 + S&H Club Member Price: $296.60 Coach Price: $247.16 ORDER NOW! . P90X3 Ultimate Kit Includes: Includes everything in the Base & Deluxe Kits Also includes… – 1-Month R&R Tub – Gym-Quality P90X® Chin-Up Bar – P90X® Chin-Up Max – Premium Beachbody Jump Mat .

Order P90X3 Deluxe Kit

P90X3 Deluxe Kit: P90X3 Deluxe Kit Regular Price: $239.70 + S&H Club Member Price: $215.73 Coach Price: $179.78 ORDER NOW! . P90X3 Deluxe Kit Includes: Includes everything in the Base Kit Also includes… – 3 Elite Extreme workouts on 1 DVD – Includes free Elite Block Calendar – 1-Month E&E Tub – 3 B-Lines Resistance […]

Order P90X3 Base Kit

P90X Base Kit P90X3 Base Kit Regular Price: $119.85 + S&H Club Member Price: $107.87 Coach Price: $89.89 ORDER NOW! . P90X3 Base Kit Includes: – 16 workouts on 8 DVDs – Plus, 5 Free Gifts – Fitness Guide – Nutrition Guide – 90 Day Workout Calendar – How to Accelerate Intro DVD – 24/7 […]

Order P90X3 Challenge Pack

DECEMBER PROMOTION – P90X3 Challenge Pack  Order the P90X3 Challenge Pack P90X3 Complete Challenge Pack – BEST VALUE! December Price: $180 (reg. $205) ORDER NOW! . WHY CHOOSE THE CHALLENGE PACK?  This is the most popular option, and the BEST VALUE.  Think of it this way, you’re going to spend $135-140 on the P90X3 base […]

P90X3 vs. Focus T25

Should I do P90X3 or Focus T25? Are you having a hard time deciding whether you want to do Shaun T’s Focus T25 or Tony Horton’s P90X3?  Well, to be honest, you’re going to see great results and you will love both workout programs; so you can’t go wrong.  However, hopefully this blog clears up […]

How Many Calories Do You Burn During P90X3?

Calories burned in P90X3 Workout How many calories can I expect to burn with P90X3? Check out this video of some of the people in the P90X3 test group as they share how many calories they burned during some of the P90X3 workouts. Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av4kEdjG2Zk As you may already know, the P90X3 workouts […]

P90X3 Transformation Results

P90X3 Results – Check these out! What type of RESULTS can I expect with P90X3? P90X3 will deliver the results you want, whether you want to lean out, lose fat, gain muscle or bulk up.  You’ll notice that P90X3 has a unique workout schedule based on your desired results.  Be sure to check out the […]

Order P90X3

Order P90X3 Links to ORDER P90X3 Kits: SEE ALL BELOW! . P90X3 Challenge Pack P90X3 Complete Challenge Pack – BEST VALUE! Regular Price: $205 ORDER NOW!. . WHY CHOOSE THE CHALLENGE PACK?  This is the most popular option, and the BEST VALUE.  Think of it this way, you’re going to spend $135-140 on the P90X3 […]

P90X3 Workout Schedules

P90X3 Schedules Unlike the original P90X and P90X2 that both include three workout schedules to follow, P90X3 will deliver FOUR different schedules!  All four of the schedules will be included with your P90X3 workout, so whatever your desired results are, P90X3 will help you hit them! Here are the FOUR P90X3 Workout Schedules: Classic– The […]

Equipment Needed for P90X3

What equipment will I need for P90X3? Just like P90X and P90X2, you will most likely need the following fitness equipment and gear to successfully take part in the P90X3 workout routines.  Like I said in the video above; even though you don’t need to complete P90X or P90X2 before doing P90X3, a lot of […]

P90X3 December Sale!

P90X3 Challenge Pack SALE! That’s right! You heard these two words in the same sentence, P90X3 and SALE!  As you may have already heard from some of my previous blogs, P90X3 is launching December 10th, 2013.  With the launch of the new P90X3 workout system, there will also be a huge promotional sale to bring […]

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