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SHAUN T’s NEW WORKOUT: Focus T-25! TIME is no longer and EXCUSE! Read below why the Challenge Pack is the way to go! >> CLICK HERE to Order Base Kit << Its ONLY 25 Minutes of your Life: What’s the number one excuse people have for not working out? TIME! I can’t tell you how […]

Body Beast / Insanity Hybrid Schedule

What’s the BEST Body Beast / Insanity Hybrid? Well, I don’t know if this is the best one, but I’m definitely happy with it so far! After finishing Body Beast this winter and looking over My Body Beast Results, I want to start preparing for summer, therefore, I know I need to focus more on […]

April Promotion – Insanity Challenge Pack Price Reduced

Want that SHREDDED AND LEAN LOOK for summer? SALE! Insanity Challenge Pack – Save $90! Save $90 on your Insanity Challenge Pack Now – April Only! If you’ve been looking for a hardcore cardio program but were concerned with the price of a good program, I’ve got awesome news for you! INSANITY Challenge Pack is […]

NEW WORKOUT: Focus T25 from Shaun T

COMPLETE WORKOUT – ONLY 25 MINUTES A DAY! Want to pre-order FOCUS T25 and know exactly when its available?   >>>  CLICK HERE FOR LAUNCH NOTIFICATION <<< What’s the number one excuse people have for not working out? TIME! I can’t tell you how many times I hear, “I want to workout, but I just […]

Order Insanity Asylum Volume 2

Insanity Asylum Volume 2 Shaun T brought us INSANITY and got us ripped in 60 days! He then introduced us to INSANITY: THE ASYLUM, and we made it through an intense 30 days of sports training. Now are you ready for INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 2? I know I am! Time to cut up!    […]

Insanity Asylum Volume 2 Preview

INSANITY ASYLUM VOLUME 2 PREVIEW: Attention all Insanity and Insanity Asylum lovers – I have some amazing news for you!  Beachbody is launching Insanity Asylum Volume 2 within the next few months!  If you want to be notified the second Insanity Asylum Volume 2 is released, simply Make Me Your Free Coach and I will message you! Insanity Asylum […]

Top Six Secrets to RIPPED Results

  Want to get RIPPED?  I can help! The SECRETS have been revealed!  Are you looking to get the best results possible?  Of course you are!  I have compiled a list of my TOP 6 recommendation to help you achieve the results you want as fast as possible. My goal is to help those I coach […]

P90X2 vs Insanity

What is the difference between P90X2 and Insanity?  Well, there is a lot of differences.  In a nutshell, P90X2 is your complete, total-body workout that will focus on building muscles, developing a strong core and increasing your endurance.  Other the other hand,  Insanity is an incredibly tough workout that will mostly engage your core and […]

P90X2 Insanity Hybrid Schedule

Get ready to bring the pain with this EXTREME P90X2/Insanity Hybrid Schedule!  This schedule has been completely customized to combine the intense core, balance and strength moves from P90X2 with the explosive cardio moves on Insanity to give you the absolute best transformation you can have in just 90 days!  I definitely only recommend this P90X2/Insanity […]

P90X2 Insanity Asylum Hybrid Schedule

Are you ready to take your results to the next level?  Are you ready to get absolutely ripped?  Well, this new P90X2/Insanity Asylum Hybrid Schedule is now the PERFECT way to build muscle mass while getting unbelieveably ripped.  This hybrid schedule is definitely not for beginners and I would only recommend this to someone who has […]

Take the Beachbody Challenge

Are YOU ready?   Are you ready to commit to changing your health and fitness?  Are you SICK AND TIRED of being out of shape?  Do you want a sexier body?  Do you want to fit into tighter clothes?  Do you want that flat stomach?  Do you want those large biceps?  If you want any of […]

Jonathan’s P90X and Insanity Results

Check out Jonathan’s amazing P90X and Insanity transformation: . . . Name: Jonathan Schlenger Programs of Choice:  P90X and Insanity Enjoy Jonthan’s amazing journey: “In April 2008 I was my highest weight ever, 220lbs.  I got P90X, did 1 workout and said “forget this!” I couldn’t do it.  I tried to lose the weight by […]

Will’s P90X and Insanity Results

Check out Will’s inspiring P90X and Insanity journey below:  .. .. .. Name: Will Scott Programs of Choice: P90X, Insanity Website: www.beachbodycoach.com/wscott63 Here is Will’s story: “I was 28 years old, Fat, Tired, and Lazy! I started going to the gym and was doing well for about three weeks, then every few days, then hardly […]

Jason’s and Katee’s Insanity Results

Check out Jason’s and Katee’s results and success stories below:     Name: Jason Roberts & Katee Roberts Program of Choice: Insanity Website: www.strongerfortomorrow.com Jason’s and Katee’s results and stories: “First, I’ve NEVER been to a gym. I was a busy dad to my four beautiful babies, the girls ages 5 and 4, and the baby boys, […]

INSANITY is Plyometric Training to the EXTREME

Yes, another blog about Insanity… why?  Because I am doing another round of it and it’s AMAZING!  I can’t stop talking about it, so I figured to keep posting about it!  For those of you doing Insanity, I’m sure you can relate and for those of you that haven’t done Insanity yet, wow, you are […]

INSANITY Review for Women – Can Women Do INSANITY?

By Lindsay: After realizing the wedding is LESS THAN THREE MONTHS away, Chris and I decided to kick it into high gear!  I’m putting my P90X journey on hold to start INSANITY!  This is by far the BEST cardio workout I have ever done!  We are in our second week together, and I’m already seeing […]

INSANITY – What is Max Interval Training?

If you’ve considered doing Shaun T’s 60-day INSANITY Workout, then you may have heard that what makes the workout carry so much intensity – MAX Interval Training. MAX Interval Training uses the philosophy of interval training but with a twist. I want you to understand the method behind the madness, so here’s a quick look […]

INSANITY Nutritional Tips for Best Results

What many people don’t realize when starting a workout as intense as Shaun T.’s Insanity Workout is that you may find yourself eating more instead of eating less as you progress with the workout. For most people, the idea of getting in shape and losing weight are synonymous with eating less. However, in order to […]

How to Prepare for INSANITY The Asylum

If you’re looking to get ABSOLUTELY ripped in just 30 days, then Insanity’s The Asylum is a must have in the workout arsenal!  Its intense and is extremely demanding on your body, however its one of the most structured programs on the markert.  The Asylum pushes your body to the next level as it works […]

My INSANITY The Asylum Review

WOW – You won’t even believe how intense and physically-challenging Shaun T’s new Insanity – The Asylum workout is.  Eventually, I will post more and more about each workout individually, but I wanted to get my overview of this program up as soon as possible.  If you thought Insanity was a tough workout, just wait, you havent seen anything yet! Insanity asylum is far and […]

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