21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Commit and Lose 10lbs in 21 Days! Guess what is on sale just in time for Christmas and the New Year? The Beachbody Ultimate Reset! I will be starting a 21-day Ultimate Reset challenge at the beginning of the year. Most everyone is starting after the 2nd of the year, so we can recover from New Years […]

Top 10 Creatine Monohydrate Facts

Is Creatine Good for You? I always get questions about creatine monohydrate, so I wanted to compile a list of the top 10 facts I have researched about creatine.  First of all, if you’re looking to add size gains, supplementing creatine is a great way to speed up mass gains and muscle growth. Here are […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Having Sex

Is SEX Healthy? Does having sex on a regular basis offer significant health benefits?  You better believe it does!  Studies have shown that having healthy sex on a regular basis will lead to a healthier, and definitely happier lifestyle.  I have found the top ten health benefits from sex, compliments of webmd.com.  Take a look […]

Top 10 Diet Tips to Lose Weight Fast

How can I lose weight faster?  Everyone is always looking for that solution to help them lose weight and burn fat just a little bit faster than they are now.  Well, to be honest with you, its not a secret and its not rocket science.  Losing weight and buring fat can be quite easy, if […]

Insanity Asylum Volume 2 Preview

INSANITY ASYLUM VOLUME 2 PREVIEW: Attention all Insanity and Insanity Asylum lovers – I have some amazing news for you!  Beachbody is launching Insanity Asylum Volume 2 within the next few months!  If you want to be notified the second Insanity Asylum Volume 2 is released, simply Make Me Your Free Coach and I will message you! Insanity Asylum […]

Top Six Secrets to RIPPED Results

  Want to get RIPPED?  I can help! The SECRETS have been revealed!  Are you looking to get the best results possible?  Of course you are!  I have compiled a list of my TOP 6 recommendation to help you achieve the results you want as fast as possible. My goal is to help those I coach […]

Order Body Beast Supplements

NOW AVAILABLE:  BODY BEAST SUPPLEMENTS Along with the new fitness program from Beachbody, BODY BEAST, there will be a complete line of supplements to go along with it!  This line of Body Beast supplements are being released as Beachbody’s EXTREME Nutrition supplement line. From the what we see in the video below, and what I […]

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Shopping List

Where can I download the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Shopping List?  You have come to the right place!  You can download all three Beachbody Ultimate Reset phases shopping lists below! The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is not really a cleanse in the word you would probably think of. Normally when people think of a cleanse they picture […]

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review: If you are looking for some information on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset 21-Day Cleanse, then you have come to the right place.  You will find the the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse is a great all-natural alternative to harsh cleanses or starvation diets. The Ultimate Reset will return your body to […]

Tips to Lose Weight Faster

Everyone is always looking for more ways to help them increase their weight loss.  To be honest, there are a lot of little things in life that we do that play a huge role on whether or not we lose weight, maintain weight or even gain weight. I have compiled a list of the 8 […]

Lose Weight Faster During Your Workouts

I talk to people daily who are always trying to one-up their current workouts, see better results and make everything happen NOW.  Well, I’m not a miracle worker, but I here are my tips to help you stay on track and see results as fast as possible. Are you one of them who are looking […]

Just 30 Minutes a Day to See Great Results

Well, how many people remember hearing the high school gym teachers say, “Just thirty minutes of cardio a day will keep you in shape!”  Mostly everyone.  Now, is this really true? Well, now I am sure that we’ve also heard people who tried doing thirty minutes a day of working out say that it wasn’t […]

Rob’s P90X Transformation

Here is one of the most inspiring transformations I have ever seen.  My client and fellow coach on Team Motiv8, Rob Luhrsen has absolutely dominated his 90 days with P90X! I have provided you his story to show what this amazing program can and WILL do for you life if you chose to commit to […]

INSANITY is Plyometric Training to the EXTREME

Yes, another blog about Insanity… why?  Because I am doing another round of it and it’s AMAZING!  I can’t stop talking about it, so I figured to keep posting about it!  For those of you doing Insanity, I’m sure you can relate and for those of you that haven’t done Insanity yet, wow, you are […]

INSANITY Review for Women – Can Women Do INSANITY?

By Lindsay: After realizing the wedding is LESS THAN THREE MONTHS away, Chris and I decided to kick it into high gear!  I’m putting my P90X journey on hold to start INSANITY!  This is by far the BEST cardio workout I have ever done!  We are in our second week together, and I’m already seeing […]

How Many Calories are in One Pound of Fat?

I receive this question a lot from my clients, so I decided to throw it up on the website to explain it the best I can.  “How many calories are in one pound (1LB) of fat?”  When calculating how many calories you should both eat and burn per day and per week, you first need to […]

INSANITY – What is Max Interval Training?

If you’ve considered doing Shaun T’s 60-day INSANITY Workout, then you may have heard that what makes the workout carry so much intensity – MAX Interval Training. MAX Interval Training uses the philosophy of interval training but with a twist. I want you to understand the method behind the madness, so here’s a quick look […]

P90X is Perfect for Baseball Players

As a former college-level baseball player, I think this post is long overdue!  America’s favorite pastime is in full swing. Around the country, summer evenings are ending with local baseball games and families and friends alike are enjoying regular trips to the MLB ballpark. As baseball cleans itself up from its recent steroid scandals, it’s […]

P90X Diet Tips to Control Cravings

by: Lindsay Whoa!  Plyos kicked my butt tonight!  I had a great workout yesterday with chest and back, then ARX!  I felt so great yesterday, and so proud of myself for busting out more push-ups than I’ve ever done!  I’ve noticed the more I workout, the hungrier I’ve been getting!   It’s normal to feel […]

How to Prepare for INSANITY The Asylum

If you’re looking to get ABSOLUTELY ripped in just 30 days, then Insanity’s The Asylum is a must have in the workout arsenal!  Its intense and is extremely demanding on your body, however its one of the most structured programs on the markert.  The Asylum pushes your body to the next level as it works […]

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