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Beachbody’s newest program, BODY BEAST will be launching here shortly and I have tons of people asking me what kind of supplements they should stock up on so they are able to see the absolute best results.  If you didnt know already, BODY BEAST is a new workout that will strictly focus on mass gaining and bulking.  Here is a list of my most recommended supplements for those trying to gain mass with the BODY BEAST workout program.

Mass Gaining Fundamentals – BODY BEAST Supplements
When it comes to gaining mass and bulking, there is a completely different approach you need to take.  Beachbody’s newest program, BODY BEAST, will introduce you to the heavy lifting style, which is exactly what you need for muscle gains.  BODY BEAST trainer, Sagi Kalev, says it best, “If you want to get big, you gotta lift big”. However, ontop of the intense workout routine, there are supplements to help speed up the results.

We all know there is a lot of junk on the market when it comes to supplements that claim “huge gains” and “insane mass”, but the reality is that with most these products you are actually putting things in your body that can really cause health issues later in life.  Trust me, short term gains are not worth long time side effects!  So lets take a look at the “cleanest” BODY BEAST supplements that I recommend that are going to be essential for gaining mass.

Most Recommended BODY BEAST Supplements

   BODY BEAST Supplements:

Fuel Shot:

Click here to Buy Fuel Shot ($49.95)

Get a near-instant surge of power.

Blow past fatigue with a few sips of performance-enhancing calories. This dextrose- and maltodextrin-based energy drink is designed to drive nutrients into muscle fiber for greater strength during workouts and help replenish the glycogen and electrolytes lost after workouts.

Beachbody® Fuel Shot:

  • Instantly triggers an insulin response with its high glycemic index (GI), for more energy and faster recovery during and after workouts.
  • Contains vital electrolytes to keep you hydrated.
  • Supports muscle mass growth with a hefty calorie load.
  • Helps muscles absorb the protein and nutrients they need to recover, repair, and replenish themselves.
  • Contains no untested ingredients.

Click here for Beachbody Fuel Shot ingredients and nutrition information.

Base Shake

Click here to Buy Base Shake ($59.95)

Boost your results, naturally and safely.
Monstrous, carved muscles start here. This exclusive blend gives you 18 grams of high-quality, fast- and slow-digesting proteins to help boost your results at an accelerated pace.

It helps to build muscle and minimize muscle breakdown simultaneously, getting you undeniably massive.*

Beachbody® Base Shake:

  • Includes whey protein concentrate.
  • Contains digestive enzymes to help enhance protein utilization and reduce gas and bloating.*
  • Is formulated to mix with fresh-squeezed juice, raw eggs, sprouted greens, etc.
  • Works well with these additional boosts: Beachbody M.A.X. Creatine, Beachbody Fuel Shot, and Beachbody Super Suma.
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and no untested ingredients.
  • Features a flavor-neutral base that lets you whip up your shake just the way you want it.

Click here for Beachbody Base Shake ingredients and nutrition information.

MAX Creatine

Click here to Buy MAX Creaine ($29.95)

Crank out a few extra reps and speed up your recovery.

With M.A.X. Creatine, you get high-grade pure creatine monohydrate—without fillers, preservatives, or untested ingredients. Use daily to help build strength, with increased energy and stamina.

Beachbody® M.A.X. Creatine:

  • Supports an increase in strength, muscle recovery, and muscle mass.*
  • Should be used within 30 minutes of a workout.
  • Contains pure creatine monohydrate.
  • Contains no fillers, preservatives, wheat, corn, sucrose, starch, salt, yeast, or added flavors.

Click here for Beachbody M.A.X. Creatine ingredients and nutrition information.

Super Suma

Click here to Buy Super Suma ($29.95)

Increase muscle-building and endurance, naturally.

Super Suma is made from suma root (“Brazilian ginseng”) and contains Beachbody’s exclusive plant-based enzyme system for enhanced benefits. Use daily to help amp up muscle strength, size, and endurance.

Beachbody® Super Suma:*

  • Helps enhance testosterone production
  • Contains no risky or untested ingredients, sugars, starches, synthetic materials, yeast, grains, or excipients
  • Is a powerful adaptogen that strengthens the body
  • Supports protein synthesis for faster muscle repair

Click here for Beachbody Super Suma ingredients and nutrition information.

Other Recommended Supplements:

#1   Shakeology = In order to see the best results with BODY BEAST, you need to commit 100% to the workout and 100% to a healthier nutrition lifestyle and Shakeology will help you do that!  If you want to stay leaner during BODY BEAST, then perhaps you can replace a meal a day with Shakeology, or for those serious mass gainers out there, you might want to use Shakeology as an additional meal throughout the day to promotion the best results and mass gains!  This is by far my favorite supplement (in fact, it’s the only one on my “Must Have” list).  I gave it a trial run just to see what the hype was about (they offer a 30 day guarantee so you have nothing to lose).  Well, after the first month on Shakeology, I signed up for home direct and have been using it EVERY day since.  There seem to be 2 types of people when it comes to Shakeology – those who haven’t tried it and are skeptical about the price, and those who have tried it and now rave about it.  It does cost twice the amount of regular whey protein, but it’s got hundreds of nutrients and supplements in it, so comparing it to plain protein powder isn’t a fair comparison.  You’ll have to decide if it’s in your budget or not, but to me it’s worth the money!  Especially since you will begin to save on other supplements and your grocery list will become smaller and smaller thanks to this meal replacement.  To learn more, click here.


#2   Whey Protein Powder = In order to gain mass and build new muscle with BODY BEAST, you absolutely need to increase your protein intake!  You will need to consume a lot of protein to fuel your muscles.  A good quality protein powder is critical to giving you what your body needs, unless you like eating 20 cans of tuna per day! Haha.  Beachbody sells Whey protein powder, but I primarily use DYMATIZE ELITE 100% Whey Protein because it is a little more affordable and has a higher protein content per serving.  Plus, it mixes amazingly well with my Shakeology (for when I want to add a addition boost of protein to my shake.)

#3   P90X Results / Recovery Formula = BODY BEAST is going to be intense and really work the muscles, so an effective post-workout recovery booster is a must have!  It has a lot of sugar in it (which originally scared me, so I didn’t take it during Round 1 of P90X.  After studying the science behind it, I found that the “sugar’ is fructose (fruit sugar), which is actually a very good type of sugar for our bodies.  It has 10 g of protein (giving this product the ideal 4:1 carb to protein ratio for post workout absorption).  It has the key ingredients creatine, arginine, and glutamine, which all facilitate muscle recovery and energy replenishment.  It has an excellent balance of electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients to replace what has been depleted during exercise.  I wasn’t sure about this product initially, but I am now a firm believer in the Results/Recovery Formula after using it during Round 2 and seeing / feeling the results in myself.  To learn more, click here.

#4   Creatine = Creatine isn’t recommended for everyone, however, if you want to see rapid size gains with BODY BEAST, then creatine will help you do that.  This supplement helps volumize the muscles with water so that they can draw more nutrients in to aid with recovery and muscle building.  I get mine from off a local supplement store.  It is important to cycle creatine, 2 months on and 1 month off.  If you are unsure about using creatine, google it and read multiple reviews.  Personally, I find Dymatize Monohydrate Creatine pretty effective and it mixes well with shakes!  Beachbody has a Mens’ Muscle and Strength Formula that is very effective and contains creatine.  For more information about that, click here!

#5   Glutamine = In addition to your P90X Results and Recovery Formula, I would recommend scooping some Glutamine in there, as well.  Like I said before, BODY BEAST is going to work your muscles to the extreme, so effective recovery is so important!  This supplement is also naturally occurring in our bodies, and during intense exercise our glutamine stores are depleted, so replacing glutamine is important to giving our muscles what they need to repair themselves.  You can find Glutamine pretty cheap now-a-days.

#6   1 MR / NanoVapor / N.O. XPLODE / Beachbody’s E&E Formula (or similar pre-workout) = I like the intensity and energy of a pre-workout supplement.  I have used Jack3d , N.O. Loaded, and now 1 MR and NanoVapor.  Right now, I am currently using Beachbody’s pre-workout supplements, Energy and Endurance Formula (E&E Formula).  I find this formula extremely effective and similar to all the others on the market, however, its cheaper and less harsh on the body!  Chug it down 20-30minutes before your workout for the extra boost and muscle pumps.  Most have creatine in them, so they need to be cycled 2 months on, 1 month off.  Pre-workouts can affect different people differently, so it’s typical for people to have different “favorites”.  Give the Energy and Endurance Formula a try by clicking here!

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