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Well, I can definitely say I have tried several different pre-workout supplements in my day, therefore, I wanted to compile a blog about some of the pre-workout supplements I’ve taken in the past and what I currently take now prior to every workout.  These reviews of some supplements are purely based on my own experiences with them.

Energy and Endurance Formula

energy and endurance formulaLike I said, I have tried several different pre-workout supplements, and I can honestly say that Beachbody’s Energy and Endurance Formula is ranked the best.  With the Energy and Endurance Formula, “E&E”,  my energy increases, my mood to workout increases, I don’t get nauseated, and I always experience a great pump during my workouts.

Now, a lot of that is similar when I take the other pre-workout supplements, however, here is where the differences are.  With Beachbody’s Energy and Endurance Formula, after the workout, I NEVER have experienced a “crash” like I had with the other workouts, and that’s great because I can carry on with my day without feeling like I need to go to lay on the couch and nap, or drink a gallon of coffee to get that buzz back.  The typical post-workout “crash” is always a huge problem for most pre-workout supplements.

One more difference with the Energy and Endurance Formula compared to the others I have tried in the past is that it doesn’t mess with my sleep schedule.  Man oh man, I have taken a few pre-workouts that would keep me up all night long, or wake me up several times throughout the night, but with the E&E formula, I have never had any issues with lack of sleep; even when I have to take it later in the evening for a late workout.  With some of the other pre-workout supplements, I wouldn’t dare take after 4pm with the fear of being up all night long.

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How do I take my Energy and Endurance Formula?

eeformulaI will take my Energy and Endurance Formula 20 minute prior to my workouts, and I enjoy taking it in a unique kind of way.  I like to take my E&E as a quick shot, like you would with hard liquor.  Some people think I do it to be funny, but to be honest, I do it this way for a few reasons.  First, I want my E&E Formula to kick in and give me the most energy it can before my workouts!  Secondly, I hate having a lot of liquids prior to working out because it slows you down and makes you feel bloated, so to avoid this, I will take my E&E Formula with as less liquid as possible.  Try it, it’s an awesome way to take your Energy and Endurance Formula!

Other Pre-Workouts I have tried…

Jacked: This has been on the hot seat lately and in the news because of it possibly being linked to a few deaths. I used to use it in the past, and actually loved the energy it gave me, but stopped because of the controversial ingredients that it contained. I’m pretty sure it’s even banned in Canada now because of one particular ingredient, and I’ve heard rumors the U.S. is trying to ban it as well.  Stay away from this one.

N.O. Xplode:  This was a great product for me in the past, but they revamped the formula to make it more like the pre-workout supplement “Jack3d”, which was known for some dangerous side-effects.  So, I’ve noticed the new formula gives me the tingles and a several post-workout crash.

C4: This was decent, but again, suffered from a severe post-workout crash.  Sorry, but after I’m done with my workouts, I don’t want to feel zonked.

1MR: This was decent, but often gave me a post-workout headache, along with the post-workout crash.  Plus, I noticed my body’s tolerance was build fast with this product, so I have to increase the scoops to even feel the energy.  Wasn’t worth it to me.

Black Powder: Didn’t feel the energy after taking this product.  Wasn’t worth the investment to me.

Craze: This product was decent, but gave me a wicked stomach ache.  I found myself on the toilet before my workouts because this product liked to give me the runs.  I did feel decent energy after consuming, but definitely went right through me.

Energy and Endurance Formula takes the win!

The E&E Formula definitely ranks as my favorite pre-workout supplement!  There’s a reason I’ve been taking it before my workouts for 2 years! As with any supplement, though, ALWAYS do your research to make sure it’s safe and is high quality. As I always say, when it comes to something you’re putting into your body, quality is not something you want to sacrifice!

CLICK HERE: Try the Energy and Endurance Formula!

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