Best P90X3 Supplements

P90X3 Supplements

Best Supplements to Take with P90X3

chrisbalmer_p90x3What are the best supplements to take with P90X3?  Well, that kind of depends on your body type, desired results and daily lifestyle.  But since I have been getting questions about which supplements I am taking during my first round of P90X3, I wanted to share some recommendations.  Feel free to give these a try! There is no easier way for me to share all my current supplements than breaking it down in a blog.   Hopefully this is helpful, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

What supplements do I use with P90X3?

shakeologyShakeology:  For the past two years, I’ve always started my day with a Shakeology.  I’m always in a hurry and not much of a morning/breakfast person, so my body needs a consistent source of nutrients every day.  Since starting Body Beast , I’ve also starting having Shakeology as my post-workout source of protein and vitamins, and I plan on continuing this through P90X3.  My morning Shakeology is usually more of the “treat” (following a yummy recipe) and my post-workout Shakeology is usually the nitty-gritty (keeping it natural, sometimes adding an additional scoop of Whey Protein after resistance training).  Currently, I like doing the Vanilla/Chocolate combo packs, that way we have a spice of variety! Click Here to Try Shakeology!

Energy and Endurance Formula:  I have been using the E&E Formula as my pre-workout booster.  Now, with my pre-workouts, I have been cycling these monthly so that my body doesn’t get used to one particular supplement.  My favorite things about the E&E Formula is that it doesn’t give me the tingly/jittery feeling, it doesn’t cause me to crash hardcore after a workout, and it won’t cause me to stay up super late if I have to take it later in the evening.  I like to do 1.5 scoops with about 2 ounces of water and slam it down in one mouthful; kind of like a shot of hard whiskey. I also rotate the E&E Formula with 1 More Rep (1MR) monthly.  Click Here to Try E&E Formula!

chrisbalmert_shakeologyWhey Protein:  I occasionally add a scoop of Whey Protein to my post-workout Shakeology to boost the protein, however, Shakeology has 20g of protein by itself, so that is extremely helpful.  There are also days where I know I am going to be on-the-go, so sometimes, the mid-afternoon protein shake hits the spot.  Currently, I am using Muscle Pharms Combat protein powder.  The vanilla flavor mixes perfectly with my vanilla Shakeology, too.

Max Creatine:  I haven’t started my creatine cycle yet because I wanted to “trim the edges” during my first block of P90X3, however, in block 2, I will be adding creatine to the daily supplementation.  This will help me add some muscle mass throughout block 2 and especially block 3.  Just remember, when you start using creatine, you need to significantly increase your daily water intake.  Click Here to Try Max Creatine!

Results & Recovery Formula:  I’ll admit, I don’t use this one daily, however, there are definitely some workouts, especially if you are new to working out, that leave you super sore.  Lactic acid build up in the muscles will cause the tenderness and soreness we all love and hate.  The Results & Recovery Formula is nice to have to speed up recovery and refuel after those workouts.  I would recommend this to everyone who is new or hasn’t been working out consistently, especially during their first block of P90X3.  If you like those oldschool Flintstone’s orange push-pops, you’ll love this.  Click Here to Try Results & Recovery Formula!

eeformulaSuper Suma:  Since starting Body Beast, I have been using Super Suma daily.  This is a natural way to boost testosterone levels, which will increase your muscle performance and growth.  Suma is also known to increase libido and male performance; thanks to the increase of testosterone levels.  I take mine in the morning and evening with my Shakeology.  Click Here to Try Super Suma!

My P90X3 supplement tips:

#1:  Quality, Quality, Quality.  Always do your research on a product prior to putting it into your body.  Look up the product ingredients and read over the protein reviews.  Quality might mean it’ll cost you a little more, but in my opinion, I’ll spend the extra dollars for the best.

#2:  Find What Works For You.  These are just some of the supplements I am using, have seen great results with and recommend trying.  Are our bodies the same?  No.  Our body’s may react different to these supplements, therefore, the only way you’re going to truly see what works for you is to try it.  I always recommend trying a product for at least 30 days to see the effect it has.

#3:  Stay Hydrated.  With all supplementation, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated.  I try to drink about a gallon of water throughout the entire day.  Remember, when you’re staying hydrated, don’t just drink a ton of water at one time, but spread out your water intake consistently throughout an entire day.

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