Best Arm Workouts

Workouts to Get Bigger Biceps

chrisbalmert11What guy out there doesn’t want bigger arms, fuller biceps and tighter shirt sleeves.  Heck, as a guy, this is what I focus on working toward every day.  Am I where I want to be?  Not yet, but with these workouts, I am definitely getting closer and closer. When it comes to building bigger biceps, it’s important that you focus on pumping as much blood as you can into the muscle.  As you are doing so, another important point to note is that lifting heavy must be placed as a priority.

But don’t forget, in addition to lifting heavy, it’s also important that your calories are boosted to help put on the size you desire.  Also when training the arms, we all know the bicep is “the glamour” muscle, but don’t forget to work the tricep and shoulders to bring the masterpiece all together.

In addition to what Body Beast has to offer during it’s incredible arm workouts, what are some additional exercises that can help build and add mass to your biceps?

5 best bicep workouts that will increase size:


1.   Standing Bicep Curl
This is a simple but effective bicep move that can be done with a straight bar, a curl bar or dumbbells.  You want to go heavy on these, however, not too heavy that form is compromised.  Do your best to always be in control of the weight as you lift it up, squeeze briefly at the top and as you extend it down.  Do not use the momentum of swinging your body to lift the weight, and if you have to do this, you might need to lower your weight.

chris balmert bicep 1


2.  Seated Incline Curl
These curls are extremely effective.  You’ll realize quick that you will be forced to lift the weight with only your arms, which is exactly what you should be doing in the first place.  Also, make sure you are in control of the weight as you lift it up, squeeze briefly at the top and as you extend it down.

chris balmert bicep 2


3.  One-Arm Preacher Curl
Use a preacher curl bench.  If you do not have one, you can simply incline a bench and use it as a preacher station.  Grab a dumbbell and get to work.  This will be a great curl routine to focus on squeeze the bicep and driving as much blood into it as possible, creating one heck of a muscle pump.  Lift the weight up, squeeze at the top and slowly extend the weight back to the rest position.

chris balmert bicep 3


4.  Horizontal Cable Curl
Bring a bench over to the cable station and set it so it lays completely flat.  You can either use the straight bar, curl bar or rope accessory when doing the move.  You’ll want the cable to be adjusted so it’s a little higher than the height of the bench.  Once you’re in position, grab the bar/rope and lay down horizontally on the bench and begin your curls.  Laying down will prevent your body from wanting to swing the weight up, which will help you focus strictly on just your arms moving the weight.  Again, make sure you are in control of the weight as you lift it up, squeeze briefly at the top and as you extend it down.

chris balmert bicep 4


5.  Alternating Concentration Curl
Grab a set of dumbbells and take a seat on the end of the bench.  Spread your legs comfortably and with the arm you will be doing the curl with, place the upper elbow/lower tricep into the side of the thigh.  As you curl the weight, focus on using only your arm as it sit still and snug in the side of your leg.  Feel free to do these curls slightly slower and more concentrated;  always keeping control of the weight as you lift it up, squeeze briefly at the top and as you extend it down.

chris balmert bicep 5

BONUS Tips to build bigger arms

  • Focus on the PUMP.  Especially with arms, it’s important to pump as much blood into the muscle as possible. To feel more of the “pump effect” and burn during your routine, try lowing the weight, focusing on the squeeze, and lifting until the burn becomes unbearable, rather than counting reps.
  • Train your arms evenly.  Every guy always dreams about bigger biceps, but don’t forget its counter-part, the tricep. Be sure to do just as many variations of training for your triceps, too. You might have big arms by working the bicep, but to have the biggest arms, you’ll need your triceps to bulge, too.

Don’t forget to check out the best 5 tricep workouts to add mass!

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