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Tips I’ve learned on the journey to becoming a Beachbody Millionaire

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First off, I couldn’t be more proud of and blessed for our incredible team, Team Motiv8.  Every day, I have coaches asking me for advice.  To make it easier, I figured putting it all together in a blog would be the best route to share these.  My goal is to hopefully share some advice and experiences to inspire and encourage others to work toward a financially-free future for their family, like we have been blessed to have because of the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity.  If I can inspire just one person, then I’ll chalk it up as a win.

It’s important that you always know that… “The number on your paycheck is a direct reflection of the value you continue to bring into the lives around you every day.”  I’ve learned the more valuable you can be every day, the more lives you will influence and inspire.  From doing so, your success begins to accelerate.


WAIT! Before you read these tips, I hope you have time to read my previous post about my journey.  Here are two blogs I’ve typed that will share with you my high’s and low’s I’ve experienced since becoming a Beachbody Coach.  Check them out:


Hopefully you had time to read through those blogs.  I am excited that I have achieved this accomplishment, not for personal reasons at all actually, but to have as personal experience to share with people what is possible, especially only being a Coach for 4 years and nearly quitting just over 3 years ago (which you will read all about in this post).  Plus, as most of you may already know, I have built my Beachbody Coaching Business part-time!  Outside of coaching, I still have a full-time job where I am a Marketing Manager at a professional sporting arena, averaging about 60-80 hours a week (6-7 days a week).  And, I am also a committed husband and a busy father… you name it, we juggle it!  But because of all this madness, I don’t think I can be anymore relateable to people!  If I can do this, YOU CAN DO THIS, TOO! Just a cool thing to have accomplished knowing it can inspire others, too.

Here is some helpful Beachbody Coach advice…

I wanted to put together a few pointers I have learned throughout my Beachbody Coach journey, and that I feel definitely contributed to my success and accomplishment of becoming a Beachbody Millionaire.

PUT OTHERS FIRST – This is a business of giving and helping others.  It’s not about you as a Coach.  Your success is a reflection of the amount of lives you are influencing in a positive way. As you can see from my journey, when I avoided this piece of advice, I began to see how fast my business suffered from it.  If you aren’t helping others, what good are you as a Coach?

PROVIDE VALUE – In order to gain people’s attention, trust and loyalty, you need to supply them with a source of value.  Find out how you can best help that person and then do that.  Continuously serve that person the best way possible to help them take steps toward their goals everyday.  If you aren’t there for their journey each step of the way, you aren’t as valuable to them as you should be.

MAKE SACRIFICES – I was once told by Jeff Hill of Beachbody Corporate, “Chris, if sacrificing some late nights partying, if waking up an hour earlier, if staying up an hour later, if working a little harder, if investing a little more, if making these sacrifices for an entire year would lead into a six-figure income for you and your family, would you be willing to do it?”  Of course!  Sure, there might be nights where you have to stay up later for a call, or days you might have to wake up earlier to message a few people, or might have to miss out on some things to make sure you’re getting your work in, but if you are committed to success, then sometimes these sacrifices have to be made.  If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

STAY CONSISTENT – As you develop into a leader through the eyes of your followers, clients and coaches, you must make sure you are staying consistent.  Coaching is just like committing to a workout program.  If you are only eating healthy when you feel like it or working out once a week, do you think your results are going to be as great as you want them to be?  No, they will suffer because you aren’t staying consistent with it.  The same philosophy applies to your coaching business.  Stay consistent to plugging in, sharing, inviting and engaging and your results will increase over time.

THINK LIKE A LEADER – In order to do this, you must consistently fill your mind with positive thoughts.  Investing into the right Personal Development tools are important.  We all want to grow and develop our leadership skills, and in order to do so, we must continuously grow the way our mind thinks like a leader.  Personal Development will help do this.  Also, lets face it, as I explained in my story, we all suffer from tough times.  The journey through coaching and life in general isn’t always smooth sailing, however, you’re chances of overcoming such setbacks and obstacles increase the more you understand how to face these issues and overcome them.  Having a strong commitment to you Personal Development will sharpen your senses.  Some great reads are, “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz, “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell, “Talent is Never Enough” by John Maxwell, “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy, “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, and “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy.

CREATE A GOAL BOARD – Have a vision.  Have a target to aim for.  Go to the store and buy a dry erase board.  Once you have your board, think of long term and short term goals to list on your goal board and make sure you plug into it daily to judge your progress.  In order to make progress, you need somewhere to go though, right?  Without that sense of direction, how do you even know if you are progressing?  Have goals.  Write them down.  And look at them daily!  Click here for my goal board training video.

BE A LEADER – Leaders lead by example, are supportive, positive, see everyone as an equal, and guide people the proper way.   If you want your team to do something, you must do it 10x better to show them the way.  Everyone is watching you.  As the head of the wolf pack, your choices and actions effect if the pack goes left or if the pack goes right.

MAKE THE TIME FOR YOUR BUSINESS – This is an important one for me, especially since I am building my Beachbody business part-time.  I have created “Power Hours” throughout my day that allow me to focus solely on my business.  I will literally lock myself in a quiet room (which is my home office) and I will work for an hour or two on things that will help take my business to the next level.   I am a firm believer that it doesn’t come down to the amount of time you invest, but instead, comes down to the amount of value you bring to your business within that amount of time.  If you have a few short hours to work on your business, then that’s fine… just make sure you are doing what needs to be done within that amount of time.  Click here to see my Power Hour Training from Coach Summit 2013.

FOLLOW THE LEADER – Find someone who is successful and follow them.  Social media is a great tool now-a-days because it makes it super easy to follow what others are doing.  I follow a lot of the top coaches in the business to gain ideas on how I can become a better leader, all from simply watching how they engage and communicate on their social media paths.  If you want to be successful, follow someone who already is and do what they are doing.  Feel free to follow me on Facebook.

BE CONFIDENT – Right from the get’go, you need to be confident.  Sure, you might not know all the answers to every question or how to do everything quite yet as a newer Coach, but oh well, still be as confident as you can.  The image your project to your clients and followers is important.  Do you think they will listen to someone who looks uneasy and unsure?  No.  People will listen to those who look like they play the part.  Do your best to be as confident as you can, even when things might not always go your way.

HAVE FUN AND BE PASSIONATE – When you enjoy it, it becomes a lot more fun.  When it’s fun, you become more and more passionate about it.  When you’re passionate about it, it becomes a lot more natural to you.   If you aren’t enjoying the ride, then you will never be able to share it with passion.

BE RELATEABLE – Your followers will relate more to your weaknesses and struggles than they will with your accomplishments and rewards.  Why is this?  Simple because everyone has weaknesses and struggles.  So they are more relateable!  Sharing your great times is a must, but it’s also important to share your not-so-great-times!  People like to see that you have struggles and weaknesses, too.  I also say to pull out your biggest weakness or struggle and lead with that.  Why?  Because chances are, others will relate to it, too!  Then, you can share how you are working to overcome it.  People will connect more to others they relate to, and in order to show them you are relateable, you have to share all areas of your life.

BE COACHABLE – And last but not least, be coachable.  Understand that there are going to be plenty of times were you will fail in this business, and guess what?  That’s perfectly normal!  Now, here is what separates those that fail forever and those that overcome temporary failure – the ability to be coachable and make the proper adjustments to overcome what didn’t work at that moment.  As you can tell from my story above, in the beginning of my journey, I was definitely not considered “coachable”.  If you are like me, put the ego aside and don’t be afraid to ask for help and make adjustments.

How Do You Become a Beachbody Coach?

Are you not a coach yet? I was in your shoes, and it can be both scary and exciting, but have no fear, if you join the right coach and Beachbody team it can be a very fun and enjoyable process. However, if you rush into signing up as a Beachbody Coach and sign up under someone or a team that doesn’t have success or experience, it can have quite a negative impact on your future success and income. So what I’m going to do for you now is give you 4 things you absolutely need to think about before becoming a Beachbody Coach!

Top 4 Tips to Consider:

(1) Previous success. Is the Beachbody Coach you’re about to sign up under have any success? What rank are they? How long have they been in the business? Do they have a supportive upline/team? Take the time to find out these things, as they are very important for your individual success.

(2) Does the Beachbody team you’re about to sign up under have a training system? If you’re wondering how do you become a Beachbody Coach, you need to first look ahead a little and think about what your next steps will be in getting started. Will there be a training system that you will be immediately plugged into? The last thing you want to happen is get signed up and be stranded, wondering what to do next. Make sure there is a proven and effective training system in place!

(3) Does your sponsor have time for you? This is a legitimate question. I have a TON of coaches come to me and complain because their current sponsor never gets back to them in a timely manner and doesn’t stay in contact with them.

(4) Does the sponsor and team you’re about to sign up with have integrity and ethics? This is something that is VERY IMPORTANT to me and should be to you as well. You don’t want to join a Beachbody Team who is out to just sell products, but rather join with someone who puts others first and is out to change as many lives as possible.

Hopefully, you’re ready to rock…

I truly hope you enjoyed and learned from my story.  Hopefully my tips were helpful.  If you have any questions, just reach out to me at or on Facebook. If you’re interested in the business that I’m a part of, Team Beachbody, you can email me as well and we will set up a call.

Please share this post if you feel it could inspire or help at least one person.  Thank you for viewing and hope to hear from you.

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