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In case you don’t know, my name is Chris Balmert and I am a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach and the leader of Team Motiv8 Coaches.  Team Motiv8 is one of the top teams of Beachbody Coaches in the country! We are a team of passion, hard workers, and integrity, and looking for others who fit that mold.  Do you have what it takes to be on the top team of coaches?  Let’s see!

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Why I became a Coach and what is a Beachbody Coach?:
I became a Team Beachbody Coach because I loved P90X and Shakeology.  I was doing P90X and was seeing great progress with it.  I was constantly posting my experiences and progress on Facebook.  When people would see my progress, they would either message me questions or tell me how my commitment to changing my fitness has motivated them to do the same.  My coach, Josh Spencer, stumbled upon me doing this and quickly introduced me to becoming a coach.  Why did he do this?… because this is EXACTLY what a coach does!  I was coaching already, and didn’t even realize it.

A Beachbody coach is someone who is a product of the product and is extremely committed to changing their health.  Most importantly, a Beachbody Coach is passionate about sharing their experiences with others who are looking for a solution to their health and fitness.  Are we personal trainers or fitness experts?  No.  We are simply motivators who are here to support others through the same journey we are going through.  We are rewarded for helping others succeed, while we continue to change our own life.  

Team Motiv8 Training:
Our team is known for the amazing training we offer to all of our coaches.  I have developed and designed an entire Training Website that literally lays out everything you need to build a successful coaching business.  The highlight of the training site includes a full NEW coach Getting Start Right Training Process that will guarantee a rapid and successful start.  Also, the training site will supply you basic How-To Tutorials, Documents, Trainings, Videos, Team Call Recordings, Social Media Training, Website Training, etc.  In just a short year of coaching, I have built a strong team of leaders and made my way up in the Top Coach ranks and teach you how to do the exact same with this Training Website.  Click here to learn more about the Team Motiv8 Training Website.

Team Motiv8 Support:
Hands down we have the best support in Beachbody.  Team Motiv8 has our own Facebook Group page that is available to our coaches only.  What does this page offer?  Of course this page will offer the best support and motivation from every coach on this team, but more importantly, this page offers a constant flow of useful information.  Team Motiv8 Coaches are always sharing their best tips, advice and business strategies and with this Facebook Group, it allows all coaches to be able to saturate this information to help build their businesses.  We range from Star Diamond Coaches to new Coaches, which is great because the experience is there, but at the same time, we are constantly working on the basics and helping new coaches develop.  Click here to learn more about the support we offer on Team Motiv8.

Team Motiv8 Coaches:
We are an extremely close group of coaches, ranging from Star Diamond Coaches to new Coaches joining us everyday.  We consist of teachers, college students, stay at home moms, counselors, active duty military and so many other occupations.  Even though we all differ in our full time jobs, we all have the same common goal, which is to get in the best shape of our lives, help others do the same and build a financially stable future for our families.  We are one of the Top Teams for a reason, our integrity!  Click here to meet some of the Team Motiv8 Coaches and hear their stories.

Team Motiv8 Leadership:
As a Star Diamond Coach and contender for Beachbody Top Coach of the Year, I have already established the path the success, all you need to do is commit to following it.  How will I make sure you commit and follow it?  I will be there every step of the way making sure you are on the right track with your business.  The Team Training Site and the Team Motiv8 Facebook Group will help us all have the information and resources we need to success, while providing us the true support we need to stay positive and motivated.  Click here to learn more about our leadership and success as Team Motiv8.


To learn more about becoming a Team Beachbody Coach on our team, make sure you visit our Team Motiv8 Coaches website!  This website will supply you more information of Beachbody, the opportunity and our success as a team.

If you’re ready to commit to Team Motiv8 and become a Coach on our team, then lets get you started!  Visit the Become a Coach page or email me at  Once you sign up, I will be in direct contact with you to get you started successfully.  Be prepared to talk to me on the phone!  I want to make sure you are off to the most successful start possible!  

I look forward to having you on Team Motiv8!  Help us END THE TREND!

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