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I’ve gone from 160lbs to 195lbs! Stronger than ever!

Beachbody Supplements

As most of you know, I’ve been committed to mass-gaining for quite some time now.  I started my Body Beast journey a few years ago.  I was 160lbs and without a clue on how to gain mass.  Since that moment, I’ve invested a lot into learning the proper ways of putting on mass, understanding the importance of macros and nutrition, and mastering the proper supplementation.  With this commitment, I have been able to put on 30lbs of mass and keep it on!  I now weigh about 195lbs – and feeling stronger than ever before!

balmert1I get a lot of question regarding my supplementation plan and schedule, so I have decided to share my current supplements and give a review of what I think of them.  Now, like I said, I’ve really focused on understanding proper supplementation over the past year, so I’ve definitely tried plenty of supplements… some were good, some were a waste of money.  Sadly when it comes to the supplement world, most are a waste of money.  However, I feel confident that my current stack is SOLID!  Hopefully by my progress photos, it shows I am on the right track.  With this in mind, I wanted to share with you what I am currently doing and hopefully it helps you as much as it’s helping me!  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Shakeology – I take my Shakeology first thing in the morning.  Think about it, you just went all night without eating or drinking, so your body is in need of nutrition to refresh itself; especially if you workout like I do, you need this to rebuild.  There is no better way to replenish your levels than Shakeology.  Not only will it provide you with high protein and vitamins (much like a multi-vitamin), but it will also fuel you with natural, organic Super Foods filled with dense nutrition.  I personally love Chocolate Shakeology and I also do the Peanut Butter Cup recipe (Chocolate Shakeology, 10-12oz water, 2 scoops peanut butter, ice and a banana is optional).  Taste great and fills me up, which is a bonus.  Click here to try Shakeology!

Energize – About 15 minutes prior to my workout, I will take 1-2 scoops of Energize (pre-workout supplement).  Lets face it, I have tried a lot of pre-workout supplements in my day and Energize is definitely one of the better ones I have tried.  I do get a decent boost of energy without the jitters, which is important.  In the past, I have taken some powerful pre-workout supplements, but they left me jittery and uncomfortable.  Thankfully, Energize doesn’t do this.  Also, I combine it with 4-6oz of water.  Less water, the better.  That way you aren’t bloated with liquid before you start working out.  The taste is lime and can be quite intense if you don’t mix a lot of water with it, but shoot it down quick and you’ll be fine.  Click here to try Energize!

Creatine – There are some mixed reviews on taking Creatine before a workout, so this is your call.  Personally, I have been taking half my serving a Creatine before I workout (in my pre-workout).  I feel my results are decent proof that this seems to react and work well with my body.  Will it work well for everyone?  Probably not, but it’s what I like to do.  As with pre-workout supplements, I have taken a wide-range of Creatine supplements in the past.  The new Beachbody Performance Creatine is very high quality and I am impressed so far with the way my body is reacting to it. It offers 5g per scoop which is very respectable!  Click here to try Creatine!

*Does Energize effect my sleep? Personally, no. I have had pre-workouts before that kept me awake, but Energize doesn’t. There are some night I have to workout late, so even after taking it around 9 PM, I can still fall asleep. Now, this is strictly from personal experience.

Hydrate – During my workouts, I’ve always loved to sip on something more than just water.  I have had similar BCAA and intra-workout supplements in the past, and they all seem to work great.  Not sure if it’s a mental thing or not, but like I said, I hate working out with just water in my shaker.  The Beachbody Performance Hydrate is very similar to the rest of the intra-workout supplements, which is great!  It will provide your body with electrolytes to prevent a loss of energy levels during your workout.  I’ve always taken an intra-workout supplement and Hydrate has been working great.  Love the citrus taste, too.  Very refreshing and not overpoweringly sugary.  Click here to try Hydrate!

Recover – Once you finish working out, you need to replenish the body.  Your muscles are craving protein to rebuild.  The Beachbody Performance Recover supplement is similar to a lot of the other high-quality protein products.  I am very happy with the nutritional facts, offering 20g of protein per scoop, as well as, aminos, leucine and L-glutamine.  It’s nice to have all your post-workout needs in one scoop.  The taste is absolutely amazing, too.  It’s chocolate and if you ever had a Wendy’s Frosty, it taste just like that!  Click here to try Recover!

*Creatine – I will then have my second half of my serving of Creatine with my post-workout protein shake (Recover).  Some people split their creatine pre and post-workout, some people have their creatine just post-workout.  I suppose it’s whatever you feel is best for your body.

Recharge – Before heading to bed, it’s important you are giving your body nutrients to absorb as you sleep.  Think about it, your muscle rebuild and repair while you sleep, so they will need a lot of fuel to do so appropriately.  Beachbody Performance Recharge is much like other high-quality casein protein supplements, giving your body high-quality, slow absorbing proteins to digest while you sleep as they help your body grow and rebuild.  I am very happy with the way my body is accepting this casein, as I have been known to get a little gassy with previous… stinking out the bedroom, if you catch my drift… or smell my drift.  With Recharge, I have definitely seen some positive improvements in this area.  Click here to try Recharge!

Since using the Performance Line…

I feel my pump has never been so strong and I have never felt my muscle so full after my workout.  My body is reacting very well to the supplements, so I am greatly pleased!  Also, my favorite part is how simply the stack is to use.  You’re not popping pills all day or pounding shakes every 5 minutes… you literally take your supplements as you normally should.  Nothing crazy to figure out and working wonders for my results!

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Want the Beachbody Performance FULL-STACK?

I feel your best option is to do ALL the supplements since they are developed to work best when combine together.  I personally went with this full-stack option:

balmert supplements

I wanted to share with you a nice promo you can get if you decide to commit to the Beachbody Performance Stack with me – which will help you save some money when you bundle them together.  With this full stack option, you will receive Energize (pre-workout), Creatine (post-workout), Hydrate (intra-workout), Recover (post-workout) and Recharge (bed time) supplements.  If you decide to commit 100% like I am, you can choose to get Shakeology, too!

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