Beachbody Coaching Dream Come True

First off, this post was sparked after I went to a friend’s wedding this weekend and some of my old college roommates came up to me asking about Beachbody.  They all admitted they were skeptics of what I did as a Beachbody Coach and they didn’t believe the rewards were “real”.  After talking to them all and having them see everything with their own eyes, it finally hit them that it was indeed “REAL”.

When I sit here and look back on everything that has happened in just under two short years of being a Beachbody Coach, I am literally am speechless.  I am aware that I have a few blog posts already that share my coaching progress, however, I figured it was time for a new one with everything that has been going on.  For those of you that I coach or are a part of Team Motiv8, you probably already know my story, however if you don’t, then I would like to take the time to share my Beachbody Coaching story.

How I Got Started:
It all began when I purchased P90X December 12th, 2009.  I successfully completed my first round of P90X in late March of 2010, where I was then approached by my coach, Josh Spencer.  Josh explained to me how I could become a Beachbody Coach and be rewarded for sharing my results and helping others do the same.  This was perfect for me!  I was already sharing my results, talking to people every day and helping people start P90X themselves!  Josh even told me, “Dude, you’re a natural at this.  Whatever you do, don’t change who you are and what you’re doing.”

Well, I have some bad news.  Josh’s last statement to me was, “… don’t change who you are and what you’re doing.”  Embarrassed as I am to admit this, I unfortunately didn’t listen to Josh and I ended up changing and losing my focus.

Nearly Threw It All Away:
When I became a Beachbody Coach, I immediately began to focus on my numbers, on my earnings and on my business analytics.  Doing so made me forget the true reason why I became a Coach in the first place, which was to share my results, inspire others, motivate others and to have fun.  Since I was so wrapped up in the numbers aspect of Beachbody Coaching, I couldn’t enjoy what the true meaning of coaching was about.  Helping people.

Several months had passed and I was at a breaking point.  I spent a lot of time building a website, focusing on growth strategies and learning how to build a business, but yet, had nothing to show for these efforts.  Did I have any clients to coach?  Nope.  Did I collect a paycheck yet?  Nope.  Was I having fun?  Nope.

A few more months passed and barely anything to show for it.  That was it… I was calling it quits.  I printed my Beachbody Coach Cancellation Form and filled it out.  I dropped it in the mailbox that next day.  I wasn’t meant for this.  This opportunity wasn’t a fit for me.  So I thought…

Josh called me the next day in total confusion, wondering why the hell I would even think about walking away from this.  I remember telling him that I can’t do this and it’s just not working for me.  It was then, when Josh called me out for completely changing not only my focus and direction, but changing who I was as a person.  He made me realize that I wasn’t the same person I was when we talked on the phone the day I became a Coach.  I became selfish by worrying so much about my numbers and my business growth, rather than inspiring, supporting and motivating people.  Josh said something I will never forget, “When you focus on the rewards, they will never come.  Focus on helping people, and I promise, the rewards will follow.”  That statement has stuck with me since.

After working something out with Beachbody to allow me to remain a Coach, it was like I was a whole new person.  I started putting my clients before my business!  It was back to having fun, making friends, building new relationships and not worrying about my numbers.  Once I started focusing on the true meaning of Beachbody Coaching, that’s when my success with the business began to blast off.

From Cancellation to Revelation:
Since January 2011 to now, I have been able to advance to a 7-Star Diamond Coach while building one of Beachbody’s most recognize teams, Team Motiv8.  Also, I have been able to increase my weekly earnings over 3,650%!  I think you can agree with me when I say, there aren’t many jobs out there where you can say you have given yourself a WEEKLY $3,500 raise in less than a year – all from doing what comes so natural and you are truly passionate about.

Since my wake-up call in January of 2011, the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity has completely changed our lives.  My wife, Lindsay, and I tied the knot September 3rd of 2011.  Because of Beachbody, we were able to pay for the wedding and honeymoon expenses in full!  One thing that used to scare us to death was the thought of debt from a dream wedding.  No one should ever have to doubt having a dream wedding with the one they love because of money.  That’s horrible.  We can proudly say Beachbody allowed us to enjoy our wedding and honeymoon knowing there would be no bills piling up when we got home.

Shortly after our wedding in September, we were able to move out of our small 720sqft. rental property and purchase our new home.  Yes, thanks to Beachbody, we are officially owners of a gorgeous home in a beautiful community – a community we used to drive by often and jokingly wish we could afford a house within it.  Welp, no jokes anymore!  We are here!

In January of 2012 at a Super Saturday Event, Jeff Hill (Beachbody’s Senior Vice President of Team Beachbody Global Sales) said two things to me that really motivated me to step up my game.  The first thing he told me was to set BIG GOALS, but if I am going to set big goals, I must make sure my efforts are in line with these goals.  If you are going to push yourself and set high expectations, you need to make sure your efforts toward accomplishing these goals are sufficient – otherwise, you’ll sell yourself short.  I walked in that meeting a 4-Star Diamond.  Since that meeting, Ive advanced to 7-Star Diamond.  The next statement he mentioned to me was, “If working really hard, having some late nights, some early morning, dealing with the stress of being rejected several times and overcoming tough obstacles for a year or so would lead to a six-figure income for you and your family… would you be willing to do it?”  Boom!  That hit me strong!  Of course I would!  And, I will do anything to make that happen!

Within the past two months alone, I have been able to nearly double my weekly income yet again.  Since I can remember, one of my dreams was to own a “man-toy” to drive around in the summer.  Well with this raise, I was able to reward myself with my dream car – a Mercedes SLK320 paid in full.  Since I am so proud of what I do, I made sure I could represent that everywhere I take the car.  I had a custom plate made to read, “THX P90X.”  (thanks P90X).  If it wasn’t for that 12 DVD workout program, all of this would still be a dream to me.

Lindsay and I don’t have children yet, but we plan on it soon.  This is hands down the best reward we are receiving from the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity.  With us knowing that Beachbody is rewarding us with a SIX-FIGURE yearly salary and allowing us to live comfortably and is building a strong financial foundation for our soon-to-be family, we couldn’t be more thankful.  The feeling that we can begin a family debt-free is a feeling I can’t even try to put into words.  This is the true transformation that Beachbody will give you.  The opportunity to have a lifestyle you thought you could only have in your wildest dreams.  A lifestyle that is rewarded to you from doing what you absolutely love doing each and every day… helping people.

It’s scary to think that only a few months ago, I was literally seconds from quitting this opportunity and cancelling my Beachbody Coaching Account.  The thought of everything we have now could have been gone, makes me sick to my stomach.  In addition to all the rewards I have mentioned, I am disgusted to think that if I would have walked away from this, I would have walked away from some of my best friends I have EVER had in my life.  Since becoming a coach, I have made thousand of new friendships with my clients and my fellow coaches that simply could never be replaced.  To even think that there was a point where I was selfish enough to nearly quit is embarrassing and is one of the hardest things for me to admit, especially when it comes to losing friendships.

I wouldn’t trade this opportunity, the fulfillment of helping people, the rewards and the relationships I continue to build every day for anything!  This is my passion.  This is my life.  Thank you Beachbody.

My Weekly Paychecks - On the RISE!

A Little Advice to Coaches:
First thing, BELIEVE!  This opportunity is real – so believe that and let nothing or no one take that belief from you!  I don’t know how much more I can prove that.  The more you believe in yourself and this opportunity, the more you will develop into a leader.  Have the mindset of being here for the long haul.  I hear this quote from Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler, at a Super Saturday event and it stuck with me… “Be here a year from now.”  Here is an interest fact of my success in just one year’s time. Check out the commissions picture to the left.  That’s proof that so much can happen in just one year’s time – if you commit and believe in yourself!

Also, after I was on the Beachbody National Coach Call in October 2011, I’ve heard from tons of other Beachbody Coaches that my story is a lot like their own stories, getting to discouraged on the growth of their business and the numbers that they get so discouraged and unfocused that they think that quitting is their best option.  Well, I’m living proof that no matter how low you think you are, you CAN turn it around and battle back.  If you believe in yourself, believe in your team, believe in the opportunity and focus on the true meaning of Coaching, which is helping people, you will bounce back.  Stop being selfish and stop worrying about your numbers.  That’s not what this opportunity is about.  Go out there, have fun, meet people, make friends and help people become Success Stories!  I’ll end this post with the same advice Josh gave me, “Whatever you do, don’t change who you are and what you’re doing.”  Have fun!

Watch this video:  The “TRUE MEANING” of Beachbody Coaching.  Focus on the true meaning and the fulfillment and rewards will follow.

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  1. Great post Chris! Thanks for sharing your story and keep up the good work!!

  2. I know you posted this last year, but still a very motivating post. Great job on all of your success. All of our Beachbody team should read this and understand that with consistency and strong-will, good things will happen. Great job Chris!

  3. Chris, I would just like to say thanks for being an inspiration. Between you and Scottie Hobbs you keep me fired up. I have Carly Brown here in the Boise area and she’s doing awesome things as well. I’m consistently digging in the trenches, its transposing the dream and vision into others that I need to continue to work on. In the words of Art Williams….JUST DO IT….if you don’t know what I’m talking about YouTube him when you get the chance. Thanks again. I shared this page with my team today.

  4. Melissa Frost says

    LOVE this! Congrats on your journey and all that you have achieved, both physically AND financially! 😀

  5. Terry Boards says

    Damn fine job Chris, I'm waiting on my paperwork confirming my new coach status, and I'll remember this inspirational story. Thumbs up!

  6. Chris, thank you so much for sharing. I've been a Beachbody Coach for a little over a month now, and your story is so inspiring! Just today, I was looking at my websites and my online coach office, feeling depressed that I haven't added any new customers in the last two weeks! Thank you for reminding me to maintain my focus on helping people and telling them about Beachbody products for their benefit, as opposed to mine. Congrats again on your success!

  7. Christie Faircloth-Dixon says

    Chris, thank you so much for sharing. I've been a Beachbody Coach for a little over a month now, and your story is so inspiring! Just today, I was looking at my websites and my online coach office, feeling depressed that I haven't added any new customers in the last two weeks! Thank you for reminding me to maintain my focus on helping people and telling them about Beachbody products for their benefit, as opposed to mine. Congrats again on your success!

  8. David Atkins says

    Thanks Chris!

    I too mailed this to my whole downline. Been stuck at Diamond for awhile. This Recharged my batteries. Thank you!

  9. Awesome Chris! Just emailed this blog post to my entire downline! Well done brother!

  10. That is great. Awesome job. keep posting.

  11. Wow! Thanks for the inspiring motivation I needed! Now it’s time for me to get busy.

  12. William Weatherford says

    This pumps me up Coach!! I want to be jealous of you, but I know that you have worked your tail off and deserve the rewards!! Congrats, Dude! Thanks for all your support and coaching! It’s much appreciated.

  13. thanks for sharing. keep me informed on more of your blogs.

  14. Man. This was an awesome read. Thanks for the motivation!

  15. Thank you for posting this article. Josh has truly inspired me and so has Coach Wayne Wyatt, but you have just removed the covers from my eyes Chris. Thanks.

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