Balancing a Full Time Job with Beachbody Coaching

“Do you have to coach full-time to be successful?” is a question I receive often from people who are on the fence about becoming a Team Beachbody Coach.  People assume that you need to be a full-time coach and that this needs to consume your life in order to see any sort of result from it.  This opportunity is completely the opposite of that.  It’s up to you what you wish to invest in this, whether you want to invest a few hours before bed, a couple hours through out your day,  an hour in the morning or twenty minutes on your lunch break.  The ball is in your court and the decision is yours.  Whatever you decide, you can still be successful.  I will prove that to you.

I get this a lot.  “Chris, you’re a successful coach because you do this all the time.”  That is not true AT ALL.  I wanted to share my story, as well as a video with everyone to show them how I continue to work a demanding schedule, but still manage to balance it with Beachbody Coaching:

At my Full Time Job

I became a coach in March of 2010, after my first round of P90X.  When I first started coaching, I held a job as a concessions manager in a 15,000+ capacity arena that hosted the local university’s basketball teams, as well as concerts and events.  I’m not just talking about little local shows, but concerts from Carrie Underwood, Elton John, Jay-Z, Justin Beiber, Greenday, Daughtry and other top-line performers.  With basketball season in the winter and concert season all year around, this made for a busy schedule.  In the heart of the season, I could easily work as much as 70+ hours in one 7-day work week.  Yes, a 7-day work week! I would often go weeks without having a day off!  Did I let this ruin my coaching or passion to get back in shape and help others along the way?  No way!

With this intense work schedule my full-time job demanded, I had to figure out how I could fit Beachbody Coaching into my agenda.  When I first started coaching, I would mostly plug away in the evenings when I got home from my job.  Once the start of our season started, I had to work an event or show until late basically every night, so I had to do all I could to plug in during the day on my phone or on my breaks.  There were even nights when I wouldn’t get home from my job until midnight or sometimes later.  When I knew I wouldn’t be home until late, I would either get up an hour or so earlier to network or I would plan on staying up an extra hour or so once I got home to catch up on my coaching.  I was determined to make this work, no matter what I had to do to fit it in my schedule.

About six months passed by and I transferred jobs, which is now my current job (picture to the left of me at my new desk).  I took a promotion as a Marketing Manager at a new arena.  With my new promotion came an even more demanding schedule.  I now work in a professional arena and have to work around a two professional sports team’s schedules, plus concerts and events.  In the heart of the season, I can easily work close to 80 hours in a 7-day work week, without a day off.  This line of business I am in could quite possibly be the most demanding of them all.

What does this mean for my coaching business?  With this demanding schedule, does that mean I have to quit coaching?  No way!  I now have to plan when exactly I can spend time plugging in and growing my business, that’s all.  Definitely had to brush up on my time management skills and prioritization skills.  Some days I get to network more than others, which is fine with me.  If I have a day where I only get a little bit of time to plug in, then I will do my best to make up for it over the next few days.  No matter what,  I still find the time, whether it’s before work, through out my day, on my breaks, after work or before bed, I am still able to plug in enough to keep my coaching business growing.

Plugging In Late After Work

Since I do ALL of my business online, which makes it extremely easy to engage and meet new people everyday!  Thank goodness they make Social Media very simple to keep up with daily!  It’s simple for me to access my email, Facebook and Google+ directly from my smart phone, which is by my side all day.  As long as I can find a way constantly plug in just a little bit, I am able to succeed with this opportunity.

Like I said, the question of, “Do I need to coach full-time to be successful?” comes up often in the discussions I have with possible new coaches.  Most fear that they just don’t have enough time to invest into this opportunity, and that fear holds them back from becoming a Beachbody Coach.  Well, don’t let it hold you back.  No, I don’t have children, yet, but I live everyday with a demanding schedule and still make coaching work.  Some days I can plug in for an hour, some days two hours, some days a half hour or some days I have most of the day.  With this crazy work schedule, am I Superman?  No, I’m not any different that you.  I just know that this opportunity is something I’m passionate about and I know that it’s something I want to be a part of.    I will do everything I possibly can to make it work for me.  After brushing up on my effective time management skills, I have been able to fit this in perfectly, even with an 80+ hour work week.  “If I can do this, so can anyone.”

Since March of 2010, I have grown my coaching into a successful business, only doing this part time.  Since then, I have advanced to a Three Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, held a Top 10 rank for Top Elite Beachbody Coach of the Year, had my success featured on a National Beachbody Coach Call and earned a full-time salary.  Yes you heard me right.  Even doing this part-time on the side for about a year, I have still been able to earn a full-time salary from coaching that is now in addition to my current salary at my full-time job as a Marketing Manager.  Did I have to become a full-time coach or did Beachbody Coaching have to completely consume my life 24-7-365 in order for me to see the results?  Nope.  I coached at my own pace and when I had the time to squeeze it in my schedule.  Some days, I was able to plug in a lot more than others, but no matter how busy my schedule was, I still was able to build a success business as a coach.  As long as you do everything you can to plug in daily, you can do this. Be sure to check out my post about being ranked #4 out of 67,000 coaches for Top Coach of the Year.

No Full Time Job Will Hold Me Back!

Some people say, “Chris, since you’ve become so successful with coaching, why don’t you quit your full-time job and just be a coach?”  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.  I work a great job with excellent perks.  Yes, it is a demanding schedule, but it’s a fun work environment!  It’s not like I’m miserable flipping burgers or driving door to door selling vacuums (which I did in high school and that was horrible.)  I have a fun full-time job and am able to make another full-time salary on top of that.  I don’t see any reason to step down from that.

After hearing my story, I hope the concerns of having enough time to fit coaching into your schedule has been crumble up and tossed away.  Trust me, and I can say this with confidence because I live it, no matter how demanding, crazy, busy or hectic your current schedule is, you can still be a SUCCESSFUL Beachbody Coach.  You can make the time for it.  This opportunity was design for you to be in control.  If you can only plug in an hour today, ten minutes tomorrow and two hours the next day, then so be it!  That’s totally up to you!  You won’t be punished for it.  In fact, you will notice that you will be rewarded for anytime you can commit to coaching.  This opportunity is designed for you!  You are your boss and you decide how much you can or can’t plug into it everyday.

So, if you are passionate about P90X or other programs and continue to share it with your friends and family, continue to help people online who come to you for questions and support and continue to share and post your results every where you go, then you are a coach already!  That what we do as coaches!  We simply share our experiences and success with others who are looking for a solution, and then we help motivate them and support them through the journey!  As coaches, we know this journey can be extremely tough at times, so we take pride in being a part of someone’s life changing journey!

If you’re interested in hearing more about coaching or wanting to become a coach on our team, Team Motiv8, then feel free to contact me through email ( or on my Facebook (  After you contact me, we can discuss coaching and possibly set up a personal call to help answer any questions you may have about coaching.

With our full training website that lays out everything for you and the support from me and the rest of the team every single day, we will make this work for you!  I look forward in hearing from you and get you started.  Let’s BRING IT!  Please check out the video below as I explain how I successfully balance a demanding full time job with Beachbody Coaching:

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Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity.
Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. Do the work, get the results.

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