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I won $500 for my Body Beast results!

chris balmert body beastHow would you like to win $500 or possibly more just for getting in shape? I did! I won $500 in the Beachbody Challenge! What is it? The Beachbody Challenge is a proven fitness and nutrition system that empowers you to improve your life and rewards you with cash and prizes for doing so. Not only are you getting the reward of being healthy and in great shape, but you have a chance to win money and prizes! Sounds incredible, right?  Take the Challenge Now!

If you follow my blogs, you will see that I create challenge groups for the workouts Beachbody has to offer. I’ve been doing the Body Beast program since August 2012. It is the best workout I’ve done by far, and it has taken my body to a level I didn’t think was possible to reach. During my Body Beast challenge, Sagi was so supportive. My fellow Beasters helped motivate me. It was great to be able to talk about our workouts, our progress and struggles. That was the best part of taking part in my own BEAST UP challenge group. I had the support of others to help me keep going when it got tough.  I am pretty confident when I say that if I was doing this alone, my results wouldnt be where they are now.  The support factor from our BEAST UP group helped me stay on track every single day.  It also made me push passed my limits, holding me accountable to get results!  I couldnt let my fellow Beasters beat me, right? Ha!

Slowly, I got better.  It wasn’t overnight, but with some time and effort, I began to see results.  I knew if I just stayed consistent and gave it everything I had, I could get back to my old self. Little did I know that I’d SURPASS my old self. Body Beast took my body to a whole new level. I’m in better shape than I have ever been in my life, only to wish I had this body when I was in the prime of my college baseball career. After 90 days, I’m up 18 lbs of muscle. My chest, shoulders, arms and back are the biggest they have ever been.  My strength is through the roof! Most importantly, my confidence is back.  I finally feel like myself again!  Also, with the help of Body Beast boosting my overall confidence levels, my wife and I are happier than ever, and, we’re having our first baby (Gavin). I feel incredible. I plan to continue running BEAST UP Challenge Groups to help others!  This is the real deal, not only for physical results, but for an overall boost in confidence and life.

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