5-Day Clean Eating Challenges

How Do I Eat Healthy? Let Us Help!

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We invited everyone to eat with us for a week as we commit to a healthy, clean-eating diet for 5-days!  These group start often, and are complete free for anyone to join us!

balmertWhat type of person are you? Are you someone that can stick to a workout program but not stick to the healthy nutrition plan? Are you someone that can stick to a healthy nutrition plan but not a workout program? Are you a person that can’t commit to either?  We want to break it down for everyone!

If you are a person that can commit to both a workout program and a nutrition plan, that’s awesome! Don’t feel bad if you aren’t one of those people. When you make the decision to make a healthy lifestyle change, it’s hard; there’s no question about that! When setting goals it’s important to set short term and long term. When you set up short term goals, they will be hit sooner than your long term. This will give you a sense of accomplishment.

TWO STEPS to Join Our Next Clean-Eating Group:

We want to keep our Clean Eating Challenges exclusive since Lindsay and I invest a lot of time into them.  To help us do that, we like to offer them to those we coach.  We kindly ask for you to make us your free TeamBeachbody Coach, which honestly only takes a few seconds by clicking the link below.  With making us your coach, you will also have access to TeamBeachbody.com which will be very helpful for additional nutritional tips, recipes, message boards and workout advice.  Again yes, IT’S FREE!  Thanks in advance!

Reach out to us!  Let’s get the ball rolling! Let us know you have completed STEP ONE and you are ready to be added to the next 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge Group!  That way, we can connect and make sure you get all the tools you need to be prepared for the first day!  Plus, we always like to hear some goals from our challengers!  What would you like to accomplish from this 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge?  We are excited to what you are aiming for and hope we can help you accomplish it!

Once you complete STEP ONE and STEP TWO, we will equip you with all the tools you will need!  We will send you:

  1. Our complete Grocery List
  2. Our 5-Day Meal Plan
  3. Invitation to the Facebook Group

In the Facebook Group we will set up for the week’s challenge, you will also be able to interact with others who are committing to the challenge, too.  You will see that engagement is really important and very helpful.  You’ll be able to find others who share the same goals and lifestyle to relate to and connect with.  Plus, you’ll notice it becomes a fairly open message board for sharing recipes, other tips, healthier alternatives, etc.

Many people wonder, “what’s the food like?”… If you are wondering about the food, it is normal, everyday items you’ve heard of. We are not asking you to do anything out of the ordinary or eat anything you’ve never heard of before.  Or more importantly, spend too much money on stuff you probably never will eat again.  That’s no fun.  We make all our challenges with healthy, normal foods. We are just asking you eat clean for one week, commit and have some fun!

Please note:  We are just suggesting a meal plan to follow that we will be doing.  You don’t have to commit to it 100% if you don’t want to.  You can use it as an outline to create your own changes and modification if you’d like.  The main reason we hold these 5-Day Clean Eating Challenges is to just have everyone commit and be motivated for a week… then, we if all goes well, hopefully the motivation you gain and the tips and tools you learn during that week stay with you after!

If you are looking for that first step to getting on a healthy path, then this challenge is for you! This is one of those short term goals you can accomplish. You will feel so good at the end of day five that you’ll want to continue. You can do a workout program with this challenge. If you just want to take the challenge first then combine it with a workout program, you can do that too.

Complete STEP ONE and STEP TWO and let’s get things rolling!!!



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