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hardcorps1Are you looking for a boost in daily motivation and accountability to help you stay on track?  Are you looking for a group where you can share your 22 Minute Hard Corps progress and results?  Are you looking for a group where you can get tips and advice to help you get the best results?  Are you looking for some new meal recipes and supplement recommendations to help your journey?

Do you wish you had an online community you could go to whenever you needed help?  Do you want to be able to network with people who are going through the workout with you?  Do you need a place you can go to that is always filled with positive encouragement and constant support because you lack that from those around you?

hardcops 3If you said “YES!” to any of those questions above, then our 22 Minute Hard Corps Bootcamp group on Facebook is the perfect accountability group for you to join!  Our bootcamp group is a private group we host for those that I coach that are doing or thinking about committing to 22 Minute Hard Corps with us.  Not only will you get plenty of accountability, support and motivation in the group, but you will also have the opportunity to meet and chat with other people who are doing the program with you.

Yes.  With other people who are doing the program with you.  That’s the key.  Having constant support from positive, like-minded people who are going through the same journey you are and have the same goals you do!  Why try and do this alone when you don’t have to?  I know many people suffer from a lack of support at home, whether it’s from their friend or family, so having this online bootcamp is a great way to stay motivated with others who are in the same boat you are!

hardcrops4In the group, we are all posting our journey, sharing our experiences, giving tips and pointers as we learn, sharing great recipes and meal planning advice and just posting daily motivation to keep each other focused.  When you’re feeling down, or unmotivated, or lazy, or maybe just don’t feel like you want to workout today, then go into the bootcamp group and you’ll have a team behind you to boost you up!

Together we can do more.

If you would like to be a part of our 22 Minute Hard Corps Bootcamp group, please let me know by using the contact option below:

I will then be in touch ASAP and we can connect on Facebook and I can welcome you to the group!  Plus, I can show you where we have a lot of our tips, advice, recipes, bonus meal ideas, macro breakdowns, grocery lists, etc!

PLEASE NOTE:  I like to keep this group exclusive to those that I coach so I can help everyone the best I can.  So if you haven’t yet, please use the link below to take a second and make me your FREE Online TeamBeachbody Coach.

If you have any questions about the group, don’t hesitate to reach out.   I hope to see you in the group!

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