21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Commit and Lose 10lbs in 21 Days!

Guess what is on sale just in time for Christmas and the New Year? The Beachbody Ultimate Reset! I will be starting a 21-day Ultimate Reset challenge at the beginning of the year. Most everyone is starting after the 2nd of the year, so we can recover from New Years celebrating! You in?


Now through December 16th, you’ll SAVE $30 on the 21 Beachbody Ultimate Reset kits!


*The kit will include EVERYTHING you need to begin!

Most EVERYONE is buying it now so they can get the sale price and still have the time to save for Christmas. You will be ready to start after the new year! NEW YEARS RESOLUTION time! You have to order it by the 16th in order for it to come by the New Year. I’m excited to drop some holiday pounds. My wife and I did the Reset in June. We saw some great results and learned so much from the experience. My wife lost a little over 8 pounds anf said her skin never looked and felt so good! I lost 14 pounds and it really helped me lean out before Summit! I figured there is no better time for another go at it and invited some others to join me!

We have a support group for this challenge, too. The group is on Facebook and we will add everyone who will be doing the challenge with us into the group. It’ll be a great place for us all to stay accountable, post our experiences and motivate each other through the 21-days. I’m excited for you and hope you join me! Since my wife is pregnant, she can’t participate during this round, but she will be rooting us on! You will be pleased with the results, especially in just 21 days. This challenge starts in January and only you can make sure you are part of it!

Also, those who commit to getting their Ultimate Reset in December will receive a nice holiday gift from me – a $25 gift card. So basically, you’ll save the $30 and then receive another $25 from me personally. In order to be part of the group, I do have to be your Beachbody Coach. It’s simple to do, and I can show you how.

Here are the steps you need to take to join the group and be eligible for the sale price and free gift for committing:
1.  Make Me Your Coach – click here!
2. Order Your Ultimate Reset – click here!
3. Message me on Facebook – click here!

The proof!
  In only 21 days, you can change your life!  Check out dozens of real-life Ultimate Reset Success Stories; click here!



Now through December 16th, you’ll SAVE $30 on the 21 Beachbody Ultimate Reset kits!


Find out more about the Ultimate Reset at www.MyUltimateReset.com/bbcoachchris



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