21 Day Fix Results & Transformations

21-Day Fix Transformations

Link to the 21-Day Fix video above: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_5g5rh1ezY

What is the 21-Day Fix?

Ready for a total body reset with normal foods?  The 21 Day Fix was designed to be tough, but also something that took the guesswork out of weight loss. It’s a unique portion-control system combined with easy-to-follow workouts that fit into anyone’s busy schedule.

The 21-Day Fix’s trainer, Autumn Calabrese, has designed a plan that is the key focal point in this 21 day program. As you may know already, the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a power 21-day total body cleanse that will give you insane results, however, the menu and foods can be quite intense.  Well good news, Autumn and the 21-Day Reset took that philosophy and broke it down using more traditional foods and meal planning.  Also, unlike the Ultimate Reset, you are still able to workout with the 21-Day Fix!

21-Day Fix – The Meal Plan

When you purchase the 21 Day Fix, you will get portioned-controlled containers to measure all of your food. Furthermore, Autumn outlines everything so you don’t have to do any kind of mental work. Just fix, go, and eat. What I like about the program is she realizes that the ideals behind the program are not short term so she does allow you to work with chocolate and wine. The behaviors learned in the 21 days should become habits you can continue as a healthy lifestyle.  Autumn really did a great job taking a powerful concept and breaking it down so everyone, of any lifestyle, can commit and relate to this program.

No weighing, measuring, or slaving over counting calories, carbs or points.  If it fits in the container, you can eat it, basically.

21-Day Fix – The Workouts

The 21 Day Fix program consists of 7 different workouts.  Each workout lasts just 30 minutes, and they are mixed up over a span of just 3 weeks. The workouts can be done anywhere with little equipment since it uses resistance moves with the body.   Autumn keeps the workouts basic enough for beginners to grab onto and modify for their own needs, and challenging enough for more advanced users looking to up their intensity levels.

21-Day Fix – The Results

21 day fix results

Link to 21-Day Fix Results video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gq1ukCscjU

According to those in the 21-Day Fix Test Groups, they have announced that people that stick with the program can expect to lose 10-15lbs. The best part is, this weight loss won’t come from depriving your body of calories and nutrients. You are going to be eating a healthy balanced meal with plenty of calories. This is Beachbody’s first program to place equal emphasis on the nutrition and fitness component. On top of a portion-controlled meal plan, each 21-Day Fix workout is approximately 30 minutes a day, and they will be 7 days a week.

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