10 Healthier Late Night Snacks

Craving late night sweets?

If you are friends with me on Facebook, like my Like Page or follow me on Twitter, then by now you know my wife and I are expecting a baby in April 2013! We are so excited to start the next journey in our lives! I’m learning quickly that a lot more is changing for my wife than I was expecting. She had to cut back on her Insanity workouts, and she is pretty bummed she won’t be seeing Shaun T until May. She is still sticking to eating a healthy diet, but everyone once in awhile she gets a sweet tooth!

So I started thinking; if she is going to get cravings for not so healthy foods, how do I support her while still sticking to a healthy diet myself? I noticed that if she gets a sweet tooth, it’s usually in the evenings. I got on the Internet and read an article on mensfitness.com about some healthy food options I can make while supporting my wife.

One rule this mensfitness article talks about is sticking to less than 300 calories, and waiting at least an hour before heading to bed.

Here are 10 Healthy Snack choices I’ve tried:

1. Strawberry Shake – I choose to have Tropical Shakeology! My go to recipe is 1 packet of Tropical Shakeology, 1 cup of Almond Milk, 1 Tbsp. non-fat yogurt and 1 tsp. honey! It’s less than 200 calories and hits the spot!

2. One cup of Frozen Blueberries – Sometimes I get a little crazy and have them with 1 cup of non-fat yogurt.

3. Yogurt Cubes – Take the Tropical Shakeology recipe from above, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. I pop those in my mouth like candy (but healthier and no cavities)!

4. Multigrain Pretzels A handful should do the trick. Be daring and try dipping them in a little non-fat yogurt or mustard.

5. Crackers – Spread a little light hummus or tuna on them!

6. Cheese Quesadilla – Using low fat cheese of course, spread it on a high-fiber tortilla, crisp both sides and you’ve got a treat!

7. Popcorn – Choose the 100 calorie packs, no added butter or salt! 

8. Greek Yogurt – This is very high in protein and low in sugar!  The perfect mix!

9. Dark Chocolate – Yum! Just remember: the darker the better – and in moderation.

10. Dried Figs – Three or four should do the trick!

I hope you try some of these late night healthy snacks. If you are interested in trying Shakeology, be sure to send me a direct email at bbcoachchris@gmail.com or click here to fill out the Shakeology Samples Request form!

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